Our team is made up of dedicated individuals working together to find a therapeutic for PACS1 Syndrome

rockefeller meeting

Founding Trustees and Donors – Taruna Reddy and Nicolas Vassalli

Taruna serves as the President of the PACS1 Syndrome Research Foundation. She earned her Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Columbia University in the City of New York. Previously she worked in the Global Structured Products group at an investment bank.

Nicolas earned his Masters Degree in Economics with a concentration in quantitative finance from the University of St Gallen, in Switzerland. He works in the hedge-fund space.

Taruna and Nicolas are married and have 2 children. Their daughter Alya is 4 years old and has PACS1 Syndrome.

Trustee- Amy Klein

Amy received her medical degree from Columbia University College of Physician & Surgeons and completed her residency at Mt Sinai Medical Center. She is a practicing pediatrician in Rye,NY.

Management Team- Taruna Reddy, Jean-Dominque Vassalli and Farhad Quassem

Taruna, Jean-Dominique and Farhad run the operations of the foundation

Jean-Dominique is the former president and current chairman of the Scientific board of the Brocher Foundation, which encourages multidisciplinary research in the ethical, legal and social implications of the development of medical research and biotechnologies. He was the Rector of the University of Geneva from 2007 to 2015. He has a diploma in Medicine from the University of Geneva (1972), a PhD from Rockefeller University, NYC (1977) and a Doctorate in Medicine from University of Geneva (1984). In 1986 he was appointed professor of developmental biology in the Faculty of medicine, University of Geneva. His laboratory was involved in studies on extracellular proteolysis in mammalian embryogenesis, inflammation and neuronal function, and translational control of gene expression in gametogenesis. He is the recipient of the Cloetta Prize (1988), and the International Society of Fibrinolysis Prize and Thrombolysis Prize (1994). He is an ad personam member of the Swiss academy of Medical Sciences (2001). His grand-daughter Alya has PACS1 Syndrome.

Farhad is active in awareness-raising for PACS1 Syndrome within the health sciences space and amongst the general public, fostering a supportive caregiver community, and promoting collaborative research initiatives. He is a co-founder of PACS1 Smiles, a collaborative center of education, support and research for children and their families living with PACS1 Syndrome ( He has an MBA from Dalhousie University, Canada and specializes in risk management analytics. His daughter Ilona has PACS1 Syndrome.